Power of Unpopular

the power of unpopular branding book

If you stop and think for a moment, every successful brand in history – from from Apple to Android and Walmart to Nordstrom –  is highly unpopular with…A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE! But that hasn’t hindered their success, has it? It’s time to rethink unpopular.

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Pull your brand out of the middle of the road and start having an opinion. When’s the last time you called “meh” back for a second date?

What you’ll find in this book:

  • The five components of every unpopular (aka successful) brand
  • The difference between “unpopular” and “unlikeable” (and why they’re very different)
  • The one reason you’re allowed to stay in business from one day to the next
  • Case studies about wildly successful, privately-owned companies built by entrepreneurs — just like you — including exact details on what they did to get from where they started to where they are today.

And you just might find that there’s a conspicuous lack of bullshit between the front and back cover.

Build a brand you can love and have it loved by the people who matter the most…the ones who will love you for everything you are (and most importantly, everything you’re not).

Reviews from Amazon

This book is more than a book about branding, it’s about being honest with yourself and your business.

You’re going to find out how to, on a DEEP level, resonate and connect with the people who mean the most to your business.

~Joseph Ratcliff

This is a wonderful book if you *really* want to learn about branding or just get a reminder of the basics. The author’s brand is lively, with a lot of 4-letter words sprinkled throughout; if I quoted most of her best lines, this review would be banned forever.

While the book is lively and fun to read, Napooletano does offer solid information and she “gets it.”

~Dr. Cathy Goodwin

This book is not for everyone, plain and simple. But in a crowded world, everyone looks for ways to stand out and Napoletano discusses how to do this. Her writing is blunt, to the point and resonates on levels that other books in this genre struggle to do. From the simplistic to the complicated, Erika pushes buttons to assist you and your brand find your place in the world. I appreciate brutal honesty and as I said, the language may not be for everyone, but the book can show you new methods for you and your brand.

~Stacy Hood

Before reading this book, I was stressed about enlarging my businesses market. Now I have become less focused on finding as many customers as I can, and shifted my focus to developing a sense of brand loyalty with my current customers. It is like having reward cards, but on steroids!! If you own a small business, whether it is online or a store front, this book is a must have.

~Sean Paradis

My business is big and unruly. It’s been functioning for years, but not as a cohesive whole. This book made me see it differently and tie things more closely together so that even *I* understand it better and like it more. I can’t help but think that my potential clients will too.

~ Taaj

The lessons about brand go beyond marketing. It’s a book about how to be true to your vision, and your voice. It’s a lesson about how you’re never going to please everyone, and the freedom that comes from asking “why try?” It’s message transcends brand-building.

~Howard Sklar

If you’re convinced that your business has everything in place to be an astonishing success, but your customers just don’t seem as enthused, the Power of Unpopular will show you how to stop trying to find the one-size fits-all solution and be all things to all people, and instead find out who your customers are and how you can win them over.

~G. Barto