You’re Making Shit Up. Have Fucking Fun.

We all need people.

I’ve spent the better part of my life convinced otherwise. The more recent part of my life desperate for more connection. Perhaps an overcorrection. Whatever it is, it’s better — this connection. People are super cool.

Which is why I recently signed up for a few in-person classes, both to get me in front of real people on the reg and to keep me accountable in my screenwriting work. Three hours, once a week, in the company of creative humans.

Frankly, it’s lovely.

The room’s filled with a wide variety of ages and skills, experiences and stories and it’s just a treat to get out of my head and into other people’s projects for a while.

At the top of Wednesday’s class, our instructor wanted to start out with a quick swing around the room. We’d share a roadblock we’d hit that week and something positive we’d learned about our writing process.

One by one, folks shared. The gal sitting next to me — a gung-ho soul from the get-go on the first day of class — offered her struggle for the week and this gem that she’d learned about her writing process:

We’re making shit up. Have fucking fun!

Whoooooochile. You bet I wrote that down.

Life, stories — I don’t know about you but I get so mired in the WORK of it all sometimes that I forget that this thing I’m doing (living, writing) is supposed to be fun.

When I’m having a hard time creatively, I put a whole lot of FU into the fun. Usually turns out to be a whole lot of F-me, too.

We’re all making it up as we go along. The least we can do is have some fucking fun along the way.

Remember that the majority of life’s endeavors are supposed to be fun.

Remember that it’s not all brain surgery and if brain surgery is your vocation, it’s probably really fucking fun for you.

And that’s all I’ve got for today.

We’re making shit up. Have fucking fun.

Thanks, classmate. This is one quote I wish were mine.

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